Our Approach

We have a through the line approach to managing Clients’ mandate:

Media/Reputation Audit

  • We mine past performance and perception of our Clients to determine way-forward.

Strategy Development

  • We work with client to outline objectives and then come up with strategies that optimise value.

Project Implementation

  • We break-down the strategy into aligned buckets of tactics and creatively pursue positive outcomes

Tracking & Evaluation

  • We track outcomes while measuring it against our initial objectives - and this also enables us to fine-tune our strategy and tweak our tactics with the end being to deliver on clients expectation

Local & International Affiliations

  • We work with all shades of Businesses, Causes, Government, Groups and Individuals – helping not just to build a market and values aligned brand, but to design and shape reputation along a desired path – delivering a clear, crisp and connected entity that is able to build and manage ongoing and new relationships in alignment with its corporate, business or cause objective.