West African Ventures

Building a Solid Case for WAV in the Face of Global Liquidation of its Partner Company – Sea Trucks Group

Project Scope:

In February 2018 West African Ventures approached Precise to help retell its story in the face of ongoing Litigation battles with erstwhile Expatriates who cashed in on the opportunity of a default in payments in Sea Truck Group’s Bond obligations to facilitate a Liquidation and a take over of West African Ventures strategic asset while also attempting to move in on the Company’s mandates with Multi-National Oil Companies.


To provide opportunities tell West African Ventures side of the story.
To stop illegal incursions into the Nigerian space by contending Expatriates who were bent on taking over West African Ventures business mandates.
Ensure the stabilization of the operating environment in order to help advance West African Ventures business objectives


First Step

Agency facilitated the publication of a Global Disclaimer in the Economist Magazine stating the continuous disobedience, by contending Expatriates , of Nigerian non-compete Court Orders

Second Step

Agency facilitated the release of an Investigative Report by The Cable, Premium Times and a host of other Media, of the true intention the Expatriates.

Third Step

Agency facilitated analytical write-ups on the issues around the purported default in Bond Obligations and the ideal cause of action rather than what was playing out

Next Step

Agency created a sustenance plan for continuous Corporate Profiling in order to continuously highlight the positive sides of West African Ventures.


Massive editorial and investigative pieces published in key media with counter Advertorials where the Expatriates positions were debunked, forcing the Expatriates to retreat from telling fictitious stories in the Nigerian Media.


The redirection of positive support to West African Ventures by Industry Regulators, Counterparties and Multi-National Oil Companies who mandates West African Ventures continues to hold.