Amplify Conversations on Local Raw Materials Sourcing

Project Scope:

In March 2018 Unilever participated in the Raw-Material Expo essentially to amplify its backward integration drive.


To provide opportunities discuss Unilever’s backward integration investment in support of Government’s PolicyTo create vents for showing what Unilever has done with the Local Value-Chain in support of government’s import-substitution initiativeEnsure best-practice and sustainable relationship between Unilever and the local Raw-material Value-chain


First Step

Agency engaged Unilever Nigeria’s Procurement Director and helped build a case for Unilever’s Local Sourcing Strategy

Second Step

Agency liaised with Event’s organisers and help set the stage for the Presentation of the Procurement Director

Third Step

Agency managed the presentation session as well planned and executed the Media exploitation of the session.

Next Step

Agency went on to place a similar thought leadership piece by the Managing Director in key media generating great PR Value.


The preparation of the strategy document for presentation at the Raw Materials expo was intensely focused on to highlighting the importance of Unilever’s ‘Partner to Win’ initiative and tie it with the call for patronage of local raw materials by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

We prepared the document based on happenings in the Nigerian environment, highlighting the benefits, reasons and challenges of local raw materials sourcing without being critical of government as the document was portrayed to be in agreement with the government though the initiative has been part of Unilever’s in-house strategy as part of their contributions to the development of the Nigerian economy through association with primary products producers, notably farmers and those along the value chain.

The success of the Partner to Win initiative with direct and indirect beneficiaries were mentioned to show that cooperation with local farmers will reduce cost and grow the economy if diligently adhered to and challenges tackled