OCP Africa

Case Study: OCP Africa Fighting Food Insecurity During COVID-19

Project Scope:

In 2020, Given the possibility of a rise in food insecurity occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, OCP Africa decided to work with State Governments and its other partners on different ways to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on food security in Nigeria.

Precise was tasked to design a comprehensive communications campaign on how the initiative can be reported in the media with the phosphate producing company in the limelight.


Amplify OCP Africa’s COVID-19 Intervention Initiative
Create Awareness on the dangers of COVID-19 on food security
Lead Conversation around it using different talking points
Amplify the various initiatives taken by the company across the states by using local and national media platforms


First Step

Agenda Setting
Working with Farmers and the Agriculture value-chain to address Farming, Storage and access to Fertilizers and Farm Inputs during the Covid-19 Shutdown.

Second Step

Economic Intervention
OCP Africa’s subsidy to Nigerian Farmers and Aid to cushion the effects of Covid-19 on Farmers, Fertilizer Distributors and Extension Services Workers.

Third Step

Policy Exploitation Initiative
Working as partner to Government on reviving Agriculture as key Foreign exchange earner for Nigeriapost Covid-19


Massive editorial and strategic pieces published in key media and event coverage across the donation states in the country.

Precise effectively handled the media mobilization and management at the several events, and facilitated extensive media exploitation of the event, across print and digital media.