Case Study: Oil and Gas Policy Intervention Advocacy

Project Scope:

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted on the oil prices which had a negative effect Oil and Gas Coy especially the indigenous.

In the face of Global Oil Price Slum following shutdown of major economies on the heels of the pandemic, most Indigenous Upstream Oil and Gas Players began to default in Loan Repayment ObligationsThe project is hinged on getting Government and CBN to wade in with a favorable Policy Intervention


To provide opportunities to create Awareness on the issue

To Generate enough stem to compel action from Government.

Ensure the stabilization of the operating environment in order to help advance indigenous players in the Oil and Gas sector


First Step

Agency worked on collating industry report and situation analysis through in-depth research.

Second Step

Agency engaged key business and industry analysts to develop content and Lead Thought using Data

Third Step

Agency published strategic pieces in the media and arrange TV appearance on National TV stations to highlight the impact and need for Government intervention in the sector

Next Step

Agency planned and executed activities leading up to the announcement of the change in Leadership at MOMAN


Alignment of relevant stakeholders with focus on Nestoil Publication of Industry’s contribution to the Nigerian Economy