Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria

Managing the Tanker Driver Gridlocks Issue and Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria Transition Plans

Project Scope:

In April 2018, Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN) wanted to start building policy intervention platforms with the aim of later engaging in a broad debate on the need for the deregulation of the Downstream.

It wanted to start by positioning right on the issues of the clearing of the Gridlock created in the Apapa Port area by Tanker Drivers and managing transition plans around the exit of its Executive Secretary and the appointment of a replacement.


To provide opportunities for a broader discussion around the cause of Tanker Drivers parking on the Road and causing Gridlock

To positively shown what MOMAN achieved working with the Nigerian Navy on the Gridlocks Issue

To project the new MOMAN and positively position MOMAN’s transition plans.


First Step

Agency worked with MOMAN to convene a stakeholders meeting involving the Navy, Tanker Drivers Association, NUPENG and MOMAN Members

Second Step

Agency conducted interview with the NAVY and key officials of MOMAN on how the Apapa gridlocks issue was resolved.

Third Step

Agency published strategic pieces in the media highlighting the feat of clearing the Gridlock was achieved.

Next Step

Agency planned and executed activities leading up to the announcement of the change in Leadership at MOMAN

Agency created a sustenance plan for continuous, monthly engagement, resource sharing and monitoring of the activities of MOMAN.


Alignment of stakeholders with the new focus of MOMAN.

Publication of MOMAN’s contribution to resolving the Gridlocks issues

Fluid Management of the transition of one Executive Secretary to another after 17 years of the old Executive Secretary being in the saddle